Lady Ginger

“The Baroness of Bump”

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In 1967, Tiger Beat Magazine asked the following questions to their featured matinee idols.  In 2009, we posed them to Lady Ginger.

How would your mother describe you in one word? Minx

What is your favorite flower? Black Dahlia

What is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked? It would have to be “what is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked?” 😉

What word in the English language do you wish you had invented? “cheeky”

Where would you like to live? In my very own castle, on my very own manor, in England

What is the quote that comes to your mind? “When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better” – Mae West

What animal best describes the kind of man you’re interested in? A stallion — sleek, fast, easy on the eyes, hung like a  . . . 😉 but also tameable.

What do you miss about your childhood? The way people assumed I was sweet and innocent based on my appearance so I got away with so much 🙂

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Oh, love, I’ve already done that . . . . how do you think I became Lady Ginger? 😉

What is the main fault of your character? My inability to truly be a lady 😉

Who is your favorite historical figure? Elizabeth Bathory

Describe how you kiss in one word.  Sultry

What in the world do you least desire? If I desire something, I desire it completely . . . there’s nothing I desire that I desire least.

Finish this sentence: “Happiness is a thing called…” freedom from inhibition.


In every episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” James Lipton asks the following questions (originated by French interviewer Bernard Pivot) to the guest movie star.  Now we ask Lady Ginger.

What turns you on? an edgy energy

What turns you off? conservatism

What is your favorite word? ‘fuck’

What sound or noise do you love? the sounds of pleasure

What sound or noise do you hate? anything loud and blaring, ie: horns honking, my alarm clock

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Star of the Silver Screen

What profession other than yours would you not want to attempt? Anything corporate . . . sitting behind a desk, shuffling papers

What is your favorite swear word? See above

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say to you as you enter the Pearly Gates? “Well, . . . I guess so . . . but at least try to behave” 😉