Straight Outta Clothes and Grab My Junk!

Naked Girls Reading is on July 15th with the most fun topic we’ve ever tackled…HIP HOP!

Michelle L’amour, Greta Layne, Mimi First and special guest Rhonda Vous will be throwing it down with attitude.  We’ll be featuring Jay-Z, Ice-T, LL Cool J,  Busta Rhymes, and so much more!  We also have DJ Ajent Orange bringin’ the beats!  We have all been looking forward to this theme for a long time.  Don’t miss it!  [Tix] available now!

Then on July 16, it’s time for Grab My Junk!

It’s a burlesque and game show all in one! Featuring Jo Boobs, Jonny Porkpie, Michelle L’amour, Stella LaRocque and Lady Ginger!  The show is July 16 at the Everleigh Social Club at 9pm. [Tix] available now!

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