Poster for Sale – Send us to Vegas!

Help send us to Vegas to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame by purchasing our brand new, limited edition poster featuring all 18 Chicago Starlets.  Only $15 (includes shipping)!

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About frankyvivid

Franky Vivid is a poet and burlesque producer from Los Angeles. He is married to burlesque star Michelle L’amour, with whom he co-founded the international literary salon Naked Girls Reading in 2009. For four years he was the curator of the Everleigh Social Club in Chicago, an experiment in using Cyprianism to inform the operation of a private arts club. Vivid is a Freemasonic Knight Templar and founder of Paradise Garden #7. For more on Cyprianism and a continuing discussion about elements of The Seed and its underlying Philosophy and Practice, visit him at

One thought on “Poster for Sale – Send us to Vegas!

  1. Met you right after your wedding (along with a billion other people), ordered one. Hope to see you guys there!

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